First of all - Thanks for visiting our site and welcome! 

Our name may be new but we are not. Jim Harrigan and Robert Suderman, founders of Educational Media Distributors, have been involved in education for 26 years as producers. Chances are you already have our programs in your library, formerly distributed  by Concept Media and other publishers.

The best part is, along with producing, we will now be distributing our own programs more cost-effectively for your benefit. Therefore, you will want to put our website on your "favorites" list and check out our programs and prices first. 

For many years, as Classroom Productions, we were the primary outside producer for Concept Media. Their dedication to quality and accuracy without compromise continues to guide our operation to this day.

Now, as Educational Media Distributors, we wish to continue this legacy. Our programs have been produced with input and consultation from numerous professionals in their field, and we pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our products.

This site features all of the programs and series that Educational Media Distributors currently offers for sale. We have tried to provide you with a concise overview of each program, including descriptions, learning objectives, target audience and video samples. Many of these series have won awards and have become important learning tools in the classroom and in training facilities nationwide.

We hope you will spend some time looking at our programs. We also hope that Educational Media Distributors will become an important partner in answering your educational needs. We want to hear from you. We are committed to producing new programs that meet the needs of your students and staff. Please contact any of the Account Managers listed in the Contact page to talk with us or place an order.