107: Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice

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This two-part part series is designed to help nurses reduce their legal liability when providing and documenting patient care. It emphasizes the importance of providing care that meets accepted standards of nursing practice and carefully documenting that care to reduce legal liability for both the individual nurse and the employer. Included are realistic hospital and courtroom scenarios that clearly depit the information given. 

Schools:  Mid-level:  Legalities and nursing ethics; documentation

Healthcare Facilities:  Nurse orientation; annual update

CE This series is eligible for Continuing Education credits. Click this link for more inforamtion.

Individual program learning objectives



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107.1 Avoiding Charges of Negligence (23 min.)

1. Define professional negligence
2. State the 4 elements that must be proved to sustain a charge of negligence
3. Cite the phases of a negligence lawsuit
4. Cite guidelines to reduce liability risk
5. Recognize situations with the potential for patient injuries
6. Recognize how to reduce negligence potential through competent and caring nursing practice

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107.2 Documentation: The Best Defense (26 min.)

1. Cite the legal relevance of the medical record
2. List basic documentation principles
3. Recognize legally perilous charting practices
4. Identify how to reduce legal liability when documenting difficult situations
5. State legal issues associated with computerized documentation.

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